The owners

The owners
shoppingloverfan and rimmic

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Usually people say Glitz7 is a bully. But i'm in none of the sides.I in my side.Anyways,Glitz7 was the prom queen for 2012! Until......Swag began sending videos about her....bad videos about her....soon Swag started doing the same thing to RipleyW!And than suddenly Glitz7 and RipleyW was losing!!!How was that possible???Swag had been doing bad videos about Glitz7 And RipleyW to make them lose for prom queen!!! I personally think Swag has done this because he probably was tired of Glitz7 and RipleyW! So even though my friends think shes a bully and i think she may not be one.I'm still in my side!
Glitz7 and her polar bear