The owners

The owners
shoppingloverfan and rimmic

Monday, April 14, 2014

Who Are You Most Like? Mya or Jenny?

Did you come on woozworld for..
a) Fashion
b) Pets

Whats your favorite color?
a) Red or Purple
b) Mint Green or Pink

Whats more of your personality?
a)Diva and creative
b)Kind and gentle

Whats your favorite thing to do?

As a kid whats your favorite thing to do?
a)Dress Up

What is your talent?
a)Looking Nice and Fashion
b)Drawing and Taking care of pets

What are you most like?

Mostly A's: Mya
You were meant to make clothing!Your most like Mya!

Mostly B's: Jenny
You are very creative!Your most like Jenny!

Thats right.

You might wonder:
"Oh,why did she quit?"
"Woozworld is so fun!Why did you quit?"
"Since she quitted why should we read this blog?"
First of all,do not stop reading. Shop is still on woozworld.
Second of all,I quitted because i dont have time and woozworld increased the price of the most not valuable clothing.
Third of all,Woozworld is fun but I just have no time to play.Plus,my laptop is started to break down.
Yes,I will still play Woozworld. No,I will not change my status even if I continue playing. I may change it.And yes,Im still blogging.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shoppingloverfan is hacked!!!

Guys, don't trust Shoppingloverfan!!! That account is hacked, and a hacker is imposter imposing me (because she's jealous of my awesomeness C;). Anyways, since I'm busy, I have more time to blog and edit!!!!! Yay!!!! :D If you don't believe that I am hacked, look at the video below.

It's even from my youtube!!!!! Anyways, never give your account info away. Even if it's someone you think you can trust, don't. They are still strangers, and will take away your stuff. You can ask Lat of Justy because they both went through the painful process. Have a good day my little skittles! <3