The owners

The owners
shoppingloverfan and rimmic

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Woozworld Updates!

Woozworld has updated and now if your not a vip you can still buy something and stays in the same color!During the update they included a marketplace!A marketplace is almost like search.But you search for something and be able to find it without going to the unitz!The market place also includes a 'max beex' and 'max wooz'! So it would be able to help you! For example,if you had only 52 wooz and wanted to buy a dress that costs 57 wooz you could go to max wooz and type in 52 wooz so the dress you want would be less than 52 wooz! During the update they fixed a new glitch. But,After the update there was a new glitch! Sadly, the mods found out and fixed the glitch!