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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Jenny Wooz

Jenny Wooz
Jenny Wooz has been getting hate lately about GoodOldWooz getting kidnapped. During the event,I noticed on Jenny Wooz's status was very unusual. It said, "I will keep my face until we find who kidnapped GoodOldWooz" then the emo face was the proud face. Before that status she had,"Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz?" and then her face was still the proud face. There is proof she might've kidnapped GoodOldWooz. 1 reason is maybe she wanted the time-traveling device so she can go back in time and be with Max again. However, like Lady Wooz ,the device was broken so she might've needed help on fixing it. She could've asked Professor Preztige.

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Lady Wooz

Lady Wooz
Who would be more of a diva than, Lady Wooz? Lady Wooz is the fashion teacher at wooz high. In the interview,Lady Wooz seemed as if she was TRYING to ignore the question. Now,another reason I think it could've been lady wooz is because she said that GoodOldWooz destroyed her dress. That makes sense,because maybe she took his time-traveling device to go back into time and get back her dress!
However,in the story..the time-traveling device was destroyed. So,Lady Wooz couldn't have took his time-traveling device to fix it. Unless she used help from Professor Preztige.

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Professor Preztige

Professor Prezitage
Professor Preztige is quite a strange man. While,Reporter Lilly Wooz was talking to him, somehow he kept on calling her Lilliana. Was there a reason for it? Or was it because it was an accident? For me,I think that Professor Preztige, only called her Lilliana because he had a bad memory. During the interview, Professor Preztige sounded jealous. He seemed like he was jealous that the principal might switch the chemistry funds to GoodOldWooz's lab.

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Ms.Yeti

Did you ever watch those movies when the innocent one is always the one who really did it? People always suspect the mean ones to be the one who did it. But, in my opinion I think Ms.Yeti did it. Of course, If there was other choices I'll choose them instead. But,during the interview, Ms.Yeti was keeping a secret at the end. It sounded as if she knew about the disappearance of GoodOldWooz! Could Ms.Yeti be the one who kidnapped him?Let's wait and see!!!

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Janitor Beex

Janitor Beex

My first guess was Janitor Beex. He was tough, and seemed like he disliked GoodOldWooz. And plus,when Lilly wanted to talk to Janitor Beex, he was mad about some kids littering. Maybe he wants his time machine device for something??? In the interview, Janitor Beex said GoodOldWooz's lab smelled disgusting and GROSS!!!