The owners

The owners
shoppingloverfan and rimmic

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shoppingloverfan is hacked!!!

Guys, don't trust Shoppingloverfan!!! That account is hacked, and a hacker is imposter imposing me (because she's jealous of my awesomeness C;). Anyways, since I'm busy, I have more time to blog and edit!!!!! Yay!!!! :D If you don't believe that I am hacked, look at the video below.

It's even from my youtube!!!!! Anyways, never give your account info away. Even if it's someone you think you can trust, don't. They are still strangers, and will take away your stuff. You can ask Lat of Justy because they both went through the painful process. Have a good day my little skittles! <3