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The owners
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Suspect: Jenny Wooz

Jenny Wooz
Jenny Wooz has been getting hate lately about GoodOldWooz getting kidnapped. During the event,I noticed on Jenny Wooz's status was very unusual. It said, "I will keep my face until we find who kidnapped GoodOldWooz" then the emo face was the proud face. Before that status she had,"Who Kidnapped GoodOldWooz?" and then her face was still the proud face. There is proof she might've kidnapped GoodOldWooz. 1 reason is maybe she wanted the time-traveling device so she can go back in time and be with Max again. However, like Lady Wooz ,the device was broken so she might've needed help on fixing it. She could've asked Professor Preztige.