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The owners
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hey Guys I decided to do a story!!!

I decided to do a story. A horror story!I made this story up so you don't need to believe anything this story says.CAUTION!IF YOU ARE A SCARED OF SCARY THINGS DO NOT READ THIS AND CONTINUE WITH YOUR HAPPY LIFE!!! 
It was Thursday December 12 on 2013. Clara moved to a new place. She loved her new house. It was clean,tidy,and when she needed the lights to close at night time,the light would flicker than suddenly burn out. One day Clara went to get mail. 2 kids were playing outside her house. "Hey,Can I play with you?" she asked. "AHHHHHH! IT'S THE GIRL NEXT DOOR!" the kids screamed. As you might think, Clara was a innocent 6 year old girl. She was very innocent and loved her new house. Something made her feel upset though.Deep inside, she was very one played with her. When she began her new school, she was bullied a lot. The most meanest girl who bullied her was Jackie. Jackie and her gang of girls HATED Clara. Jackie's gang of girls were: Randy,Leslie,and Morgan. Morgan was a very kind girl. She wasn't anything like JACKIE, but since Jackie thought that Morgan was so perfect and knew a lot about fashion and that her mother was a model, she decided to bring Morgan to the group.  "Hey Weirdo! Mind moving your cooties away from MY DESK!" Jackie said. "Um.. are you t-t-talking to m-me?" Clara said nervously. "Yeah, you weirdo. Who else would i call a weirdo?" Jackie said. You might wonder something like, Why can't Clara just tell the teacher? Clara couldn't tell the teacher. Jackie was the principal's daughter. Everyone treated Jackie as if she was their queen. One day Morgan and Clara decided to sit together at lunch. "MORGAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jackie scolded Morgan. "Can't I sit with her?" Morgan asked. "NO!!!ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU TRYING TO MAKE US GO DOWN ON RANK BACK TO THE LOWEST RANK?" Jackie shouted. Jackie took out her hand and.... TO BE CONTINUED