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The owners
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hi everyone! x3 Today, I'm going to talk about Glitz, Glitz7. Anyways, some people call her a bully and others call her the victim of bullying. I have never seen before, so I don't know who is right. ._. Anyways, today I'm going to talk about her. Her are some pictures I took on the animators walls.

Sorry if I repeated some of the photos. '-' Anyways, my opinion is is that Glitz already has a lot of attention. ._. I mean, she is pretty much NEVER banned. Also, people are probably 'supporting' her because they want her to add them. If Glitz feels like you're a big supporter, she would add you. There is no use in asking her to add you, because she might focus on haters instead. ._. Here's a picture I forgot to add.

She will never stop mentioning her love for Agent. :') Anyways, she's complaining with her own status too. I have to give her some credit for coming up with that idea because she has a big voice in Woozworld. Sometimes it hates, other times it's support. No matter what, she's still pretty famous. ._. Anyways, happy Would You Rather Wednesday! Here are the questions for today.
1. Would rather join Team Cupcake or Team Oreo?
2. Would you rather join the Ducky Team or Robin Team?
3. Would you rather be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty?,XD